29 October 2010

Dear Anshu,
You recently sent me an email inquiring about how to learn kundalini yoga.  I tried to respond but your email address did not work so I am sending my response here in case you read this blog.
 I suggest you contact the Bihar School of Yoga in Bihar for the name of a kundalini teacher in your area if you are wanting some kundalini guidance.  There is a man named Dr Dina Nath Rai in Lucknow who has the Kundalini Research Institute who went to the Bihar School and is a teacher and a psychologist there.I do not teach kundalini yoga but instead work with people who have had an awakening of the energy and want some help with some of the problems it can cause.  But if you have a qualified teacher there you should be okay with it.  Best wishes for your journey...
And to all Readers --
I have a new blog site called at shantiriver.wordpress.com that you might like to look at if you wish to keep up with my latest thoughts on spiritual awakening, kundalini, consciousness and similar themes.
I will keep this site for specific questions on kundalini but plan to write more extensively on the broader nondual process of the awakening of consciousness on the new site.

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