09 June 2011

Two-Day Kundalini Workshop Available
If you are having experiences with kundalini energy and would like a workshop that focuses on living with kundalini energy and sharing experiences with others I am planning a kundalini workshop Sept 24 and 25, 2011 in Ashland, OR. I will offer an overview of the process and approaches to harmonizing the energy as well as an exploration of the true function of kundalini arising -- the clearing process that opens you up to major shifts in perspective and the embodiment of an awakened life, the opening of the heart and the inner peace that is possible when this process completes itself. This is a two day program from 9 to 6, with 2-hour lunch breaks and will be limited to 12 participants. The fee will be $100. For more information and registration contact me (Bonnie) at kundinfo@mindspring.com. This program is offered instead of the retreat previously announced in this column. To get here you will need to fly into Medford OR, about 15 miles from Ashland.

Kundalini awakening triggers a releasing process for most people -- the clearing of the subtle or energy body. It is as if all of our conditioning, beliefs, and identifications are woven into our energy field and the heightened movement of kundalini is trying to clear out this field, leaving it open and relaxed and making consciousness less subject to holding positions, identifications and reactive patterns we have had all our life. When this shift to openness occurs the mind is more quiet and consciousness more present in the moment, more available to intuitive truth, more likely to move through the heart as love and compassion and appreciation for life. Kundalini awakening is not about power, except for the natural power that comes with authenticity and acceptance of what is, the power to be free of our personal conditioning. It is not about becoming "saintly" but about becoming present, relaxed and in tune with the earth and the natural potential of living in harmony with ourselves and others. When there is sincerity and a commitment to living from Truth each individual who truly awakens finds a unique way of expression in the world, coming from being in tune with an authentic movement deep inside. Some people find a deep healing of emotional and physical issues as the awakening unfolds, but often there is an amplification of challenges during the clearing process. It is as if everything comes up to be met, to be seen clearly and to be released.
Sometimes this clearing and energy awakening occurs before the shifts of consciousness called "awakening" or "realization", for many reasons such as a great shock, an emotional overload, a near-death experience, an intensity of devotion or meditation, doing energy practices such as QiGong, kundalini yoga, martial arts, Reichi, breathwork, yoga breathing practices,tantra or concentrated psychic work. Occasionally it activates in a dream, or with a strongly energetic transmission like Diksha or with a guru. This opening stimulates a great shift in the psyche, the energy field, sensitivity, the release of old memories and many other phenomena as defined on my website, www.kundaliniguide.com.
Sometimes this clearing and energy awakening unfolds after a shift of consciousness that might happen spontaneously or in a meditation retreat or lengthy practice. One might suddenly realize the "Truth" of who they are and feel absolutely free for a while, just open and joyful and connected to everything. Then the clearing begins later, and it is likely this person may feel they have "lost" something. But in fact this is the natural progression -- the passage between seeing the "Truth" and living from it in a stable way. It is like clearing out the house in preparation for moving to another country. Everything must be seen and dealt with. If there is a lot of trauma in the personal history this can be especially challenging and therapy may be helpful as old repressed material arises. If there is a heavy use of drugs or alcohol there can be much need of toxins to be released from the body. It may feel like an invasion but it is actually the true source of your being attempting to transform the old patterns and limitations created by conditioning in this life and perhaps even conditions brought in from other lives.

The more you can relax and allow this process space in your life, and the more you can release fear about it, the easier it will become and the more likely the possibility of noticing the bliss inherent in these energy releases and shifts. You may become more "vata" in the Ayurvedic way of seeing things (Indian medicine system), more light and airy and less focused. So grounding activities can be helpful such as being in nature, gardening, baking, and creative activities. If you are vegetarian it is important to get protein into your diet from beans and root vegetables. Ultimately it is about living on this earth while knowing you are spirit, rather than escaping into a transcendent dimension. You can't be free if you are trying to evade life. Freedom is knowing your true nature and living your human experience with no objections. Being willing to BE. For most people it takes some time to find their way to this quiet joy and presence and the alignment with the Truth they have realized.

I wish you all joy on your journey and that the moving process opens you up to a new world.