03 February 2006

Welcome to this Kundalini blog.
This blog is created to provide a place for people who are experiencing the challenge and blessing of a kundalini awakening to communicate with each other or ask general questions related to their experiences. Many people are experiencing this intense awakening of energy and consciousness because of spiritual or energy practices, and others find themselves in this process for no reason they know of, and without any understanding of what is happening to them. This blog accompanies the website www.kundalinguide.com, designed to give you basic information about the experience. I am the author of this website and blog (Bonnie Greenwell) and I will read all of your blog notices and respond here to general questions. I have found that people in this process are greatly helped by knowing others who are also experiencing it, so this is a place for you to talk about your experiences and meet others who will understand. You may also include references to other relevant websites, and books you have found helpful. My intention is to edit this site periodically, removing old messages, and information that is not appropriate.

The function of kundalini awakening is to clear out the stress, blockages and contractions in our subtle energy fields, making us more open vehicles for the movement of pure consciousness. This is a spiritual process, that enables our consciousness to make radical shifts in orientation, and gradually opens the heart and mind to a direct experience of our true nature. Kundalini awakening may occur before spiritual realization, initiating a process that leads toward it. But it also can occur after a direct perception of Truth, or a realization that you are One with the whole of life, and in this case the kundalini process begins the clearing in order that the awakening you have had can become embodied. An experience of awakening is limited if you are never able to live from this new perception of who you are.

There is no advantage in forcing a kundalini awakening through vigorous practices as this can lead to complications if you open up too fast. It is more useful to focus on developing a quiet and deep meditation practice, sincerely longing to know what is true, and who you are. To rest in the question"Who Am I?" and not go to thought for answers, seeing all the roles in your life as if they were garments, and all the conditioning as if it were clutter in open space, and seeking to rest in the non-knowing, is a direct and gentler approach to realization. I encourage you to explore my website for a better understanding of this process.