19 March 2010

Hello Readers,
For those of you in the Oregon area, if you are interested in the satsang programs and day-long intensives I hold please contact me through my email to be on my email list. I have also recently opened Shanti River Center in Ashland, where I hold regular satsang, discussion groups related to non-dual teachings (especially those of Adyashanti), Adyashanti video nights and other events.

Kundalini is really a process that deconstructs our identity, bringing up old patterns and disturbing places where we are energetically or emotionally blocked so that we can become more and more open to the spaciousness that we truly are. It is as if our energy field has awakened itself and now wants to reorganize the system so that we can know ourselves more clearly as pure spirit or consciousness or presence, living this life in a more immediate and radiant way. Although it can be strange, disorienting and fear-inducing for the little ego structure when all these changes take place, the long term impact can be great peace and joy and comfort with who you are, just enjoying BEING, rather than feeling compelled to DO and to ACCOMPLISH and take on all the demands of the old egoic drives. It is very helpful to find a community of people who share your spiritual orientation, or to just sit with in inner silence, seeking the common place of stillness which can be felt very deeply within community. A regular meditation practice -- a simple practice like just being present as stillness -- can be a great support during these changes, and if you are someone who just cannot meditate, then a walking practice somewhere in nature, just being present there, or practices like Qigong or Tai Chi which teach one to rest internally in movement can be a good substitute. Have faith in the blessings of this process and know it is simply your own deeper Self moving you forward toward a more peaceful and harmonious life, even though the journey may at times be difficult.

I recently contributed a chapter, along with 20 other people, to a book called "Kundalini Rising" put out by Sounds True. Look for it in your bookstores or order it on amazon.com.
I also have a few copies left of my book "Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process" which is now out of print. Send me an email for information about ordering it directly from me if you would like a copy.

With warm wishes for your deepest realization of truth, Bonnie