19 March 2010

Hello Readers,
For those of you in the Oregon area, if you are interested in the satsang programs and day-long intensives I hold please contact me through my email to be on my email list. I have also recently opened Shanti River Center in Ashland, where I hold regular satsang, discussion groups related to non-dual teachings (especially those of Adyashanti), Adyashanti video nights and other events.

Kundalini is really a process that deconstructs our identity, bringing up old patterns and disturbing places where we are energetically or emotionally blocked so that we can become more and more open to the spaciousness that we truly are. It is as if our energy field has awakened itself and now wants to reorganize the system so that we can know ourselves more clearly as pure spirit or consciousness or presence, living this life in a more immediate and radiant way. Although it can be strange, disorienting and fear-inducing for the little ego structure when all these changes take place, the long term impact can be great peace and joy and comfort with who you are, just enjoying BEING, rather than feeling compelled to DO and to ACCOMPLISH and take on all the demands of the old egoic drives. It is very helpful to find a community of people who share your spiritual orientation, or to just sit with in inner silence, seeking the common place of stillness which can be felt very deeply within community. A regular meditation practice -- a simple practice like just being present as stillness -- can be a great support during these changes, and if you are someone who just cannot meditate, then a walking practice somewhere in nature, just being present there, or practices like Qigong or Tai Chi which teach one to rest internally in movement can be a good substitute. Have faith in the blessings of this process and know it is simply your own deeper Self moving you forward toward a more peaceful and harmonious life, even though the journey may at times be difficult.

I recently contributed a chapter, along with 20 other people, to a book called "Kundalini Rising" put out by Sounds True. Look for it in your bookstores or order it on amazon.com.
I also have a few copies left of my book "Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process" which is now out of print. Send me an email for information about ordering it directly from me if you would like a copy.

With warm wishes for your deepest realization of truth, Bonnie


sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these kundalini books?


Christy said...

Always nice to find another person who understands. So many things are turning up for me to examine as I've begun my meditation practice. I went to a Kundalini workshop recently taught by Guru Soorya Kaur.

I fell in love with Kundalini yoga. It is useful and soothing and so centered on love and self-acceptance.

Sat Nam.

Anonymous said...

I am experiencing the beauty and mystery of God's complete love for me and you, it is profound and shattering my illusions about most everything else in my life that I look at now with this new pair of glasses...chris bacon

Anonymous said...

kundalini has been a part of my life since 1992 when I attended a holotropic breathwork. My first experience opened the Kundalini and all breathwork experiences since that time have activated the energy in a very powerful way. For a period, I had difficulty managing the energetic forces flowing through my body,as it was very disruptive and chaotic. I used cranial sacral work to help release the excess energy at regular intervals. Now the energy is more balanced and I can activate the energy whenever I need/want to. Sometimes I experience huge doubts about the end result of this process and think I should 'do more' with it, i.e. save the world, etc. I live a small life, working in an office, raising two teenagers with my husband. What does Kundalini want with me? Over the years my attachment to many ego-driven things has fallen away and I am left mostly with a peaceful, centered existence. However I can't seem to shake the idea that I have some responsibility to God (or whatever terminology you'd prefer to describe the life force). Does anyone else have this? I do not do any other practices than the holotropic breathwork (see Stan Graf) and individual/group therapy. I love Yoga, but don't get the opportunity to do it much, and I don't create a great deal of time for meditation. I guess I just want to know what this means for me, a mid-western girl living a simple life.

Sally Watkins said...

I am a solitary practitioner and awakened through meditation and many books especially Eckhart Tolle's. I tried to find a community and attended many satsangs and events and retreats but nothing resonated with me. I'm at a place now where there's very little that I want to do, be, or have. I get bored sometimes and a little worried that my motivation for worldly things is diminished.

Bonnie said...

Hello Sally and all others,

Kundalini awakening is a movement of intensified energy that triggers a clearing of those structures in us that we identify with. It's function seems to be to leave one in a peaceful place where they are not driven by unconscious patterns and old conditioning and concepts and beliefs passed down in the past. The fulfilment of the process itself is to live without much sense of a personal me -- this is a life lived in the moment -- like Eckart Tolle says "in the power of NOW", instead of being entangled in all the things the mind believes, desires and argues with. But after a realization or awakening the mind activity usually comes back in many little ways to pull us back into old patterns. Restlessness and boredom or a sense "I need to be doing something important" are some of these ways we get distracted from enjoying the moment. It helps greatly if we can practice being in the moment with whatever arises, or bringing awareness into the heart and seeing just what we are inclined to do from day to day, and trusting it is okay to follow this. Awakened people live many kinds of lives -- there is nothing you have to do. But it helps if you simply lean in a little to what is happening around you and learn to play with life. When there is no longer a sense of a "me" there is still the dance of being going on, and an intuitive draw into those activities that are most congruent for you in any moment. Sometimes these interests shift suddenly, or something else arises, but that which is awake in you enjoys just being in the play of life if you just get the judgements out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, especialy on your main website, its been a great help. Seven months in and the emotional insatbility has deminished and calm is more consistent.

Unknown said...

Kundalini should not cause suicidal tendencies or psychotic behavior unless it is activated in someone who is on the edge of psychological endurance and it is activated in a context that does not support true spiritual understanding. It is wise not to go to extremes in energy work, breathwork or other intense practices, and to be sure you feel good about the lifestyle and character of anyone who is trying to teach these practices to you. If there is any abuse or manipulation, guilt trips or unreasonable demands on students the system likely does not have the integrity to support you through awakening.

True awakening brings the awakening of consciousness to itself, a recognition of your true natural and harmonious source, and the recognition all comes from this same source (so you are not special for having seen it). When it deepens there is a natural compassion and love for the many expressions of life. When one becomes naturally attuned to this true nature it moves in the moment in ways that are authentic expressions for us. We do not have to make this happens -- it comes as a natural connection with life.
Kundalini is not a power to be manipulated or forced by our own will or anyone else's. It is the natural unfolding of consciousness and energy within the subtle body system that clears out old patterns and concepts and contractions. If we try to push it and force it we can have abrupt and difficult experiences from an overload of energy and clearing that impacts our nervous system. It can be very challenging to deal with these energies if we already have major stressors in our lives. This is why in ancient times this was a secret tradition and only people who were well prepared and lived simple and healthy lifestyles were expected to enter the ashrams where it was taught. Also they were expected to have very clear guidance. Unfortunately there are few places where this kind of understanding and compassionate support is available today so it is best for people who do practices to work in a very gradual way, to deal with their psychological issues and to have a moderate and healthy lifestyle. It is also useful to have a mature spiritual community available because many of the experiences are out of the mainstream norms of our culture and can be misinterpreted.
It is very painful to walk your own path if no one around you understands it.

Unknown said...

Dear Anshu,
You recently sent me an email inquiring about how to learn kundalini yoga. I tried to respond but your email address did not work so I am sending my response here in case you read this blog.
I suggest you contact the Bihar School of Yoga in Bihar for the name of a kundalini teacher in your area if you are wanting some kundalini guidance. There is a man named Dr Dina Nath Rai in Lucknow who has the Kundalini Research Institute who went to the Bihar School and is a teacher and a psychologist there.I do not teach kundalini yoga but instead work with people who have had an awakening of the energy and want some help with some of the problems it can cause. But if you have a qualified teacher there you should be okay with it. Best wishes for your journey...
And to all Readers --

monica said...

"It is also useful to have a mature spiritual community available because many of the experiences are out of the mainstream norms of our culture and can be misinterpreted.It is very painful to walk your own path if no one around you understands it."

I'm walking that path now and have found no one to guide me. I sent you an email. I hope to hear from you.

I really need some sort of spiritual mentorship...I've been a student of spirituality my whole life but nothing has prepared me for this.