02 September 2014

When Kundalini Arises

When kundalini energy arises there can be bliss and chaos as the body adjusts to a new vibration.
To the extent you can relax and let go into the energy it is likely to feel better and be less troublesome, but the truth is the function of kundalini is to clear out all the old debris of your history, so any unfinished emotional or psychological issues are going to arise to be made conscious and resolved.

When an initial arising moves all the way through the body there can be great joy and ecstasy and an altered world view that makes you feel completely at one with the world.  This is an experience that will pass in a few hours or a few days, and most people feel confused and sad when they return to the felt sense of the former self. This energy is not about becoming high and joyful and staying there.  It is about transformation. Just as any reconstruction begins with a deconstruction, so does personal transformation.

The activation of kundalini is an invitation to awaken to your true nature, that which lies beneath the psychological self you have constructed since birth to fit in and cope with the life you were given.  Each of us has a unique set of circumstances because our history varies, but whatever is held in the body/mind will be subject to this transformation process, until at some point consciousness is able to be known in its primal and original form, as the vast and empty spaciousness in which all is one potential.

We cannot make this happen because the "I" that would try to manage it is not able to go along on this journey.  The I we believe ourselves to be is a collection of assumptions, beliefs, feelings, impressions, opinions and memories that are in continual movement (chances are you do not think now the way you did at age 5 or age 20, because more data is in the system an old patterns died). "I" is a verb, not a noun, not a concrete and immovable object.  It is a sense that holds a collection.  This is greatly challenged in an awakening process and so you feel unstable, uncertain, and sometimes afraid of how you are changing. You are entering into a mystery, where perceptions change, emotions can be erratic, and you often feel unfamiliar to yourself.  But along with this can be great waves of love, blissful sensations, insights, and moments of stillness and peace.  A few people may hear an inner voice that says something like "Peace be with you" or "This is all okay". Just remember that all that arises passes on, and that the reason that most of what arises happens is so that you can see through it and realize -- oh this too is not what I am.

Learn to be present in the moment where you are and not dwell on old patterns and memories. Learn to bring energy into the heart which will deepen the sense of appreciation and gratitude for the present moment. Learn to accept with equanimity what you were in the past with all its shadow and challenges and be curious instead of afraid about who you are becoming. Don't let the mind jump to conclusions.  Ask it to relax and just see what happens instead of projecting possible scenarios.

Consider moving more from intuition and from the heart rather than the old ways of decision making. Take care of your body and stay in alignment with your deepest truth and authenticity. These are the ways to support the process and eventually return into a lasting presence and inner peace.


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Dear Mariana,
After some consideration I am publishing your post. It represents some very deep Christian misinterpretations of subtle energy and the life force. Although many Christian saints appear to have activated kundalini energy, probably due to their deep devotion, the lack of understanding has caused some to suffer from it in ways that are unnecessary. It is only your own life force, fueled by your own breath. It is the spirit within us that passes from the body when we die. It is an intense awakening of energy within your body, not belonging to the devil or god or anyone else. All of us are connected to it. Every human body has energy. It is only an intensification of your own energy. It is not about opening to the supernatural,or hearing voices from God. It is about becoming clear about what we are and our place in the universe and feeling connected to the source of life as we know it through energy and consciousness. Jesus may be a great being that helps some people feel connected to life more fully -- I hope this is the case for you and it has brought you peace and happiness -- but kundalini is a very real phenomena, sometimes activated in yoga, and at other times spontaneously, that brings a person to a deep peace about both life and death. The evil in the world is not because of the devil (why would god allow a devil to cause so much harm?) It is because of ignorance of our own true nature, which is love (as Jesus advised) and because of the self-centeredness that causes greed, fear and hatred and an unwillingness to accept how others live and express themselves. People experience "God" in many ways and often the fulfillment of a kundalini and consciousness awakening is this sense of connection with the divine as the source of all that is. God is love, not fear and judgement. I hope you will be joyful and well in your new life.

Unknown said...

P.S. It appears I accidentally deleted this post. The gist of it was that after practicing yoga and loving it the writer became a Christian, and now believes that yoga is dangerous, and that God's voice has told her it is the work of the devil. She wished to tell her story, and I was reluctant to post it because my primary goal with this work is to alleviate fear and misconceptions about this process. I apologize that I lost the post, but perhaps it was meant to me.