20 May 2011

Dear Maria in the Phillipines,
I am writing you on my blog because your email would not work so if you wish to continue a conversation please send me a corrected email address.
Yes Reiki can trigger an activation of kundalini energy or a release of pranic energy that helps to keep opening the body and consciousness and feels like kundalini only not as intense.So can sincere devotion and meditation. I have found this especially true in the more advanced levels of Reichi initiation. Reichi generally opens a specific energy pattern rather than kundalini but in someone who is ready for awakening it can spill over to the kundalini force at the base of the spine. Kundalini is the way the subtle energy body responds to the shifts in consciousness that comes with spiritual awakening. It moves up from the base of the spine and intensifies the energy field in the entire body. If you just relax into it and trust it and don't "work" with it to try to push it there does not need to be any problem, although it can bring a lot of unusual phenomena, as described on my website. Sometimes it brings up old emotional issues as it seems to be a clearing process for our conditioning and a way that stress is released from the body. Devotion and a stable spiritual practice can be very helpful in this process. It ultimately takes us into a life that is lived more directly in the moment, more with presence and inner peace.

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Jorge Caneda said...

Hello Bonnie

I am on a seeker path since 2003. I “burned out”, as in chronic stress (as defined by heartmath.org et al.) in 1996. At the bottom of my experience then, I had lost all umpf, all ability to generate energy, all affect, all connection to my body (no taste, smell, skin, etc….), no sensitivity, no love. At that point I had not had a full body orgasm for over 12 years. I spent the next 7 years seeking help from the medical profession, goddess bless them all. In 2003 some very faint small inner voice came through to my consciousness in the midst of what I called my dark night of the soul. This faint inner voice has guided me since to the point where in December 2008 a strong energy hit the base of my spine during sex. I didn’t know it was kundalini until a year later the local Yoga teacher told me. Seeking, seeking, seeking, I came upon Jyoti (via Diana Richardson) who in a skype session recommended I read your book.

And here I am, ready to connect and seek guidance, under guidance from my “inner voice”.

Will you send me your questionnaire?

I have been thinking of using highlighters of different colors to go through your book:
- One color for the things I have and I am experiencing in this dance with shakti kundalini, which you describe sooo well (grateful for that)
- A second for the things I believe that I have not experienced, but they guide me in some ways
- A third for the most foreign things described

I have been a seeker since my early 20’s, I am now 56 . I co-founded a social experiment which now has the gestalt of an intentional community (www.ganas.org). I have been practicing Zen since 1979, was introduced to the practice by a student of Willigis Jaeger (http://www.spiritualwarriorstoday.com/Biography/biography-287_father-willigis-jager-roshi-1925).

Welcome in my journey on the path…